Don't Let Your Drain Line Become Clogged

If you don't want your AC to stop working, you need to pay close attention to the drain line. They can sometimes become clogged and cause an AC unit to completely stop. However, you can prevent that from happening with a little care done to your AC unit.

The Role of Your Drain Line

The drain line is an important part of your HVAC system because it removes condensation from your AC unit and also causes a small drip of fluid to come out of a PVC pipe. When the drain line becomes clogged, your AC unit will stop working until it has been cleared out again. 

Preparing to Clear the Drain Line

Before you begin cleaning out the drain blockage, make sure to turn the HVAC off. Then, find the cleaning port and remove the cleaning port cap. Next, look at the clog. You may be able to determine if you can remove the blockage and how to go about it. Try to remove the blockage. It might break apart, but if that is the case, it may be rinsed out with water. 

Use a Cleaning Solution

Try to clear out the drain with a cleaning solution. If you notice that the cleaning solution is filling up the drain line, stop pouring it. After pouring down the cleaning solution, make sure that the clog has been cleared out. If the cleaning solution does not flow out, this means that the clog is still in place. You may need a different method to clear out the drain. However, if it is cleared out, put the port cap back on and start the AC unit back up.

Use the Right Tools for Bigger Clogs

When you have a very large blockage, you might need a wet-dry vac or an air compressor to generate the force necessary to clear the clog. Be careful when using an air compressor since you may damage the drain line. Keep pouring cleaning solution down the drain line and using the vacuum as necessary. After the line is fully cleared, test it with water. Then, replace the draining port cap. 

Seek Extra Help

If you're concerned about your drain line becoming clogged, there are some AC units that come with a sensor that will detect when a drain line has become clogged. You could also turn to a home AC maintenance service to make sure your drain is clear.