3 Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling

Your air conditioning system is beneficial for many reasons. Not only is it important for keeping your home and family cool during the warm seasons, but it is also an essential part of maintaining healthy humidity in your home. Unfortunately, if your AC system is not cooling, you will experience discomfort in the warm seasons and potentially unhealthy air quality. Help is available if you are noticing your system is not cooling properly.

3 Compelling Reasons To Hire The Pros When Having A New HVAC System Set Up

At some point, your home’s current AC unit may stop working. If repairs don’t do the trick anymore, you’ll need to have the system replaced. After you’ve chosen a new unit, consider having it set up by a professional HVAC contractor. There are many reasons to do this.  Prevent Accidents and Injuries Setting up a new AC unit can be quite a dangerous process. There are many electrical lines that have to be manipulated, which you probably don’t have the knowledge to deal with safely.

Residential Cooling Systems: These 2 Things Require Your Attention Today

As spring continues to bloom, you’re probably in a rush to get your home ready for the next season. The first things you might do are clean out your garage and stock up on grilling supplies. Although these things may be important to your family, you also want to focus on your cooling system. If your air conditioning system isn’t ready to take on summer’s impressive heat and humidity, your family could suffer.

3 Effective Steps for Keeping the Furnace Working Great Long-Term

As a homeowner, you never want to experience complications with the furnace. This is particularly true during the winter season. So that you don’t have to have complications regularly, get in the habit of taking these furnace maintenance steps.  Swap Out Air Filter Regularly  When the air filter gets covered in dirt and dust, it can no longer stop these same particles from entering your heating system. Not only does this cause parts to wear down prematurely, but it could also cause your furnace to work harder than necessary.

Don't Let Your Drain Line Become Clogged

If you don’t want your AC to stop working, you need to pay close attention to the drain line. They can sometimes become clogged and cause an AC unit to completely stop. However, you can prevent that from happening with a little care done to your AC unit. The Role of Your Drain Line The drain line is an important part of your HVAC system because it removes condensation from your AC unit and also causes a small drip of fluid to come out of a PVC pipe.

Ductless A/C Maintenance Tips

Just as with any heating and air conditioning system, a ductless a/c system needs to be maintained as well. If you’ve never owned a ductless system before, you may not be aware of how to maintain this type of system. With proper maintenance, your system will run efficiently and experience less breakdowns, which means less repair costs to you. Read on for tips to maintain your ductless system. Clean The Exterior Unit

Furnace Maintenance 101: How Homeowners Can Prevent Costly Complications And Repairs

Nothing’s worse during the winter months than finding yourself without consistent heating. Whether or not this happens to you as a homeowner depends a lot on the maintenance you put into the furnace. To ensure it works great without any major complications and repairs, be sure to take these steps routinely.  Change Out the Air Filter Often  Every furnace has an air filter that corresponds to it, which is designed to keep debris and dirt from entering the heating system.

Winter Is Coming: How To Get Your Commercial HVAC System Ready For Cold Weather

Now that winter is almost here, you’ll be using your heater on a regular basis. If you haven’t taken steps to make it run more efficiently, you’re going to be wasting money on your heating bills. Increased heating bills can be disastrous for your business, especially when you’re trying to maintain a tight budget. Here are four steps you can take to increase the efficiency of your commercial HVAC system.

3 Things To Consider When Installing A New HVAC System

When you install a new HVAC system, you want to make sure that you install the best possible system for your home. You want to make sure that the HVAC system is set up to function at optimum levels for your home. #1 Get A Smart Thermostat When installing a new HVAC system, you want to start with a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat will allow you to program what temperature you want your home throughout the day.

3 Ways Your Air Conditioner Can Cause Health Problems

If you do not seek the expertise of an air conditioning maintenance professional to service your air conditioning unit on a regular basis, you and your family may be at risk for illness. It is important that an air conditioning professional evaluate your system a couple of times a year, typically during the spring and fall. Here are three ways your air conditioning unit can cause health problems, and how preventative maintenance can help reduce your risk.

Four Signs Your Water Heater Is On The Verge Of Failure

You don’t want to get caught without hot water on a cold winter day – or even in the middle of summer. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners do not realize there is anything going on with their water heater until they turn on the hot water tap and nothing comes out. This does not have to be the case for you! The signs of impending water heater failure are subtle, but if you keep your eyes open you may notice them so you can get your heater serviced before it fails completely.

Unexpected Furnace Issues? Tips To Help Your Family Stay Comfortable While Awaiting Heating Repairs

Awakening in the middle of the night to a cold home may sound like a nightmare, but for those whose furnace stops working without warning, the threat becomes very real. When the home is located in an area that experiences extremely cold temperatures and negative windchill numbers, taking quick action is important to ensure that the family remains safe and comfortable and that the threat of freeze damage to the home’s plumbing system is lessened.

Is Your Home Causing Problems For Your HVAC System? Helpful Information For Homeowners

With the memories of high heating bills from last winter still painfully vivid, homeowners must now turn their attention to keeping their home cool and comfortable in hot summer weather. For some homeowners, the cost for this cooling can also be uncomfortably high and they may blame that problem on their air conditioning components. But this may not be the case. Instead, the problem of higher cooling and heating bills may be directly attributed to their home or conditions found within it.

Here Comes The Sun: How To Get Your HVAC Ready For Warm Weather

The winter days are over, and for many people, it is time to crank up the air conditioner. However, after a season of not using the AC, chances are it is going to need a little TLC. To ensure your HVAC is running optimally, it is best to do some spring maintenance before it is time for regular use. Here are some things you can do now so that you will have a healthy and fully functional air conditioning system for the warm days ahead:

Are Your Home Heating Bills Sky-Rocketing? Possible Causes To Explore

The costs of keeping a home at a comfortable temperature is a significant expense for the average American household today. In fact, according to information provided by the United States Department of Energy, 48 percent of the total energy used in an average home is associated with heating and cooling costs. While the actual per unit price of the energy source used to power the home’s heating and cooling system is usually influenced by factors beyond the control of the individual homeowner, it is possible for them to exert some control on the actual amount used in their home.

Things You Should Do In Order To Prepare Your Central Air Conditioner For The Winter Months

Since you are not going to be using your central air conditioning unit during the part of the year that gets so cold, you need to protect it. Simply turning off the air conditioner and turning on the furnace won’t work. Instead, you will want to make use of the following tips. Get The Inside Cleaned Out Too many people make the mistake of assuming that they simply have to hose off the exterior of the central air unit, as this is where some debris collects.

How Your HVAC Can Affect Your Sleep

Did you know that a malfunctioning HVAC system can keep you from sleeping soundly? An HVAC can interfere with your sleep if the do the four following things: It’s Noisy Some people can fall asleep in the noisiest places while others need absolute silence to sleep. If you belong in the latter category, then you will not be able to sleep if your HVAC is noisy. Here are some of the common causes of HVAC noise:

Three DIY Fixes For Annoying Furnace Duct Noise

Old, neglected, or improperly installed furnace ducts can make all kinds of annoying (and sometimes even creepy) noises, from high-pitched whistling to loud clanging and banging sounds. Keeping the ducts well-maintained can help to reduce the likelihood of these problems, but if you inherited a duct system that already makes a lot of noise, you’ll have to go on the offensive by taking active steps to knock down the incidence of these noises.

How An Energy Audit Protects Your Heating System

Your home really should be as energy efficient as possible, and an energy audit is one of the best ways to ensure that you aren’t losing more heat from your home than is necessary. Whether you’ve been having a problem or not, it’s a good idea to have the audit done because it will help protect your heating system in the long run. Finds Hidden Problems You may think that your home is fine in terms of insulation and keeping temperatures level, but an energy audit could find issues like deteriorating attic insulation, old weatherstripping, gaps under doors that are bigger than they need to be, and so on.

Getting The Most From Your AC Unit

Modern AC manufacturers have invested a lot of effort and money into developing the most energy-efficient equipment possible. In order to get the most from your AC equipment, you need to make sure that you know what characteristics to look for. You also need to make sure that you improve your home’s defenses against heat gain.  The Components of an Energy-Efficient AC Unit There are a few key components to focus on when you are choosing an AC unit.

How To Check And Test An HVAC Capacitor For A Non-Functioning Compressor

The compressor for your central air conditioning unit starts up the cooling process with a burst of compressed gas refrigerant. If the compressor doesn’t start or operate properly, your HVAC system won’t have the fuel it needs to provide cooling services. A suddenly non-functional compressor is often due to a problem with the capacitor. A capacitor stores some electricity so that if the compressor experiences an interruption, the capacitor can step in with a boost to keep the system going.

Should You Buy A Conventional Or Condensing Furnace?

If you feel like you are paying too much to heat your home, you probably are. This is especially true if you have an older furnace. Older furnaces were built in a time when the government’s regulations for furnace efficiency were less demanding. Furthermore, furnaces can decrease in efficiency as time goes by. Thus, an older furnace can be as little as 56% efficient. If such is the case with your furnace, you are basically burning $44 of every $100 you spend on heating your home.

3 Tips To Help Drastically Reduce The Cooling Costs In Fall When Temperatures Drop

In early fall, there are probably still going to be some days that you need to have the AC. This can mean that you are still spending money to keep your home cool during these months. To maximize energy efficiency, you probably do not want to turn the AC completely off, but there are some things that you can do to drastically reduce cooling costs when you still need the air conditioner.

3 Ways You Can Reduce Wear And Tear On Your HVAC System

As a homeowner, you likely rely on your HVAC system to keep you comfortable throughout the year while spending time indoors. Scheduling regular maintenance sessions with your HVAC technician is an effective way to ensure proper functioning throughout the year, but there are a few things you can do at home to further reduce wear and tear as well as save some money on energy costs as time goes on. Consider using one or more of the following options:

Chemotherapy And Hot Flashes: Keep Your Air Conditioning System In Good Working Order

For most people, chemotherapy treatments can make them feel cold and uncomfortable. But if you experience intense hot flashes from your chemotherapy treatments and other health complications, take steps to get your air conditioning system in good working order this summer. Sometimes, air conditioners can build up with dirt, mold and other contaminants that prevent them from working right. If your AC breaks down during a hot flash, you may experience a setback in your treatment and health.

How To Clean Your AC Furnace Filter

As your home furnace ages, it can become less efficient. A malfunctioning furnace will not only affect the central heating in your home, it will also hamper the production of the air conditioner. So, if you use your AC during the summer and your heater during the winter, an inefficient furnace can become costly over the year. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to immediately increase the efficiency of your furnace.

Three Ways You Can Improve Your Heating Efficiency And Reduce Energy Costs This Winter

As the cold weather begins to set in, you are going to be using your heating more. This means you will be spending more on energy to heat your home. There are many improvements that you can do to help improve the energy efficiency of your heating. You may want to consider things like adding insulation, repairing drafts, updating ducts and installing a new digital thermostat. Here are some ways you can improve the efficiency of your heating:

Three Low Consumption Options To Heat Your Home With Biomass

Many different energy resources can be used to heat your home, including gas, electricity, solar and geothermal. Biomass is a carbon neutral energy resource that can be used to heat your home for less than conventional fuels. There are also many different options for systems that use biomass as fuel. Here are some of the biomass systems you may want to consider for heating in your home: 1. Using A Biomass Stove To Supplement Conventional Heating

What Does That Energy Star Logo Really Mean?

If you value efficiency when it comes to home appliances like furnaces and air conditioners (and who doesn’t), then you are probably familiar with the Energy Star logo. It’s a logo with a lightbulb in the center that can be seen on appliances that use less energy. But how much do you really know about this logo? Do you know what organization determines which products deserve it, or how they decide which appliances are Energy Star qualified?

Hot Dog! Keeping Pets Cool When The Air Conditioning Goes Out

Your pets have a standard temperature, just like your human family has a standard temperature. When external temperatures deviate and your pets overheat, they can get sick or even suffer heat stroke. If not in a temperature regulated area, your pets can die of heat exhaustion or heat stroke just like a human being. If your AC has gone out, here are some tips on keeping your four-legged family cool while you look into air conditioning repair or air conditioning installation.

What Is A Greywater Plumbing System?

Greywater is a term used to describe all previously used water in the home, and includes water used in the shower, kitchen sink, washing machine and many other household sources. It does not include water tainted with sewage, like water that comes from the toilet. While greywater is generally disposed of as waste, this water can actually be reused or recycled in the home in a surprising variety of ways. Read on to learn how greywater plumbing systems work and to determine if these systems are a good fit for your family.

3 Troubleshooting Steps For A Frozen Air Conditioner

Does your air conditioner have ice accumulating on the outside of it? That’s probably a very confusing sight, especially in the middle of the summer. It’s actually not an uncommon problem. It’s usually caused by insufficient airflow. Your air conditioner pulls warm air out of your house and then cools it down before returning it into your home. However, if your air conditioner’s air flow is clogged, that cool air could build up around the coil, causing the unit to freeze.

5 Questions You Should Ask A Professional When Considering An HVAC Unit Replacement

Central heat and air may not have always been a part of home life, but if you live in a modern house, there is a good chance you have an HVAC unit. It is incredibly convenient to be able to control both the heat and cold in your home with just one piece of equipment. However, when something goes wrong and you have to have a replacement, it can feel like an overwhelming process to try and find the best unit for your home.

How Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps Work

Many people start the process of selecting a home heating or cooling system by settling on a single fuel source, such as heating oil, natural gas or electricity. If you’re looking for a new heating or cooling system you may be surprised to learn that choosing fuel for your system doesn’t have to be an either/or decision; dual-fuel heat pumps are designed to burn both heating oil or electricity, switching seamlessly between the two to maximize efficiency and comfort while keeping energy costs at a minimum.

4 Ways To Beat The Heat Without Air Conditioning

There’s nothing like air conditioning to keep your home cool and comfortable, but all that cool air comes at a price; in fact, heating and cooling account for around 48 percent of the energy used in the average home, so finding ways to reduce your dependence on air conditioning can save you money. These AC-free techniques can help you put off cranking up the air conditioner in the spring or fall, or may help you survive an air conditioner breakdown while you wait for the repairman to arrive:

Four Things You Will Want To Know About Combining Geothermal And Solar For Your HVAC Needs

If you want to have a more efficient HVAC system, there are many things that you can do. You may be considering technologies like geothermal or solar collectors for the heating in your home. You can combine these systems for more efficient HVAC systems. This can be done by combining thermal storage and using the solar water heaters for more than just heating. Here are some things that you will want to know about combining geothermal and solar energy for your home mechanical systems:

Cleaning Your Central Air Conditioning Unit

Summer is right around the corner and that means the return of air conditioning to keep you cool during times of higher temperatures. Now is the time to get your central air conditioning serviced if there are problems that need addressing before warmer weather settles in. Here are some routine cleaning steps to do in preparation of air conditioning use. Clean Out The Condenser When your air conditioning is in use, debris will build up inside the condenser.

Three Ways To Minimize The Cost Of Running Your Air Conditioner

It’s nice to walk into a cool home after spending a significant amount of time outside in the sun. However, running your air conditioner constantly can be costly. So, before the summer heat is in full swing, learn what you can do to make your air conditioner more efficient so that you save money. Change the Filter Changing your air conditioner’s filter – or cleaning the filter if you have reusable filters – each month during the cooling season improves the unit’s efficiency.

3 Ways to Finance a New AC System for Your Home

Your old air conditioning unit finally bit the bullet, and now you find yourself in a bit of a financial struggle. After all, new air conditioning systems aren’t cheap, and if you don’t have a large enough emergency fund set aside, you may have no choice but to finance the cost of the new unit and installation. Fortunately, there are quite a few simple ways to go about financing your new AC, assuming your current one is beyond repair.

4 Tips For Saving Money On Delivery Fees When Purchasing Home Heating Oil

If you use heating oil to heat your home during the cold winter months, you probably spend a lot more on it than you would like to. Even if you purchase your oil from the most affordably-priced oil company in town, the costs can still add up. Not only do you have to worry about the cost of the oil itself, but you probably also pay for delivery of your oil.

Three Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit May Have A Freon Leak

When your air conditioning unit is low on Freon, it will not produce cool air as efficiently as possible. There are many reasons why your air conditioner may be low on Freon, including a leak or theft. Burglars have started stealing Freon from air conditioning units and selling it to teens and young adults to huff. The teens huff the Freon in an effort to get high. It is important to be able to know how to spot if your air conditioner is low on Freon.

Three Reasons Why Your Washer May Be Doing "The Wobble"

Is your washer doing “The Wobble” and you don’t know how to make it stop? Wobbling could be a sign of a serious problem or just a sign that you need to be loading your washer differently. Learn three reasons for your washing machine wobbles with the guide that follows. Overfilling the Drum If you overfill your washer, the drum inside of it will not be able to support the weight.