3 Tips To Help Drastically Reduce The Cooling Costs In Fall When Temperatures Drop

In early fall, there are probably still going to be some days that you need to have the AC. This can mean that you are still spending money to keep your home cool during these months. To maximize energy efficiency, you probably do not want to turn the AC completely off, but there are some things that you can do to drastically reduce cooling costs when you still need the air conditioner. Here are some tips that will help you drastically reduce your cooling costs this fall:

1. Get A Weather Station And Open The Windows When The Temperature Drops

The fall months may be warm during the day, but the good news is that nights are cool. Ventilating your home at night can be a great way to reduce the energy consumption of your AC. Investing in a small indoor/outdoor weather station can be a good way to monitor exterior temperatures to know when to open windows. You will want to wait to open windows until the temperature outside is a few degrees cooler than what you have the thermostat set to.

2. Keep The Thermostat Settings A Little Warmer In Fall When You Need Cooling Less

During the summer months, you may want to keep your home a little cooler to deal with the heat. The fall is a little cooler and you can probably deal with the temperature in your home being a few degrees warmer. When the last heatwaves pass, start setting the thermostat a few degrees warmer to help reduce energy consumption. It is not good to completely turn off the system because this can use more energy to cool your home when it heats up, but setting the thermostat can be good.

3. Start With Maintenance To Prepare For Winter And Change The Filters For Better Circulation

The fall months also means that it is time for you to start thinking about maintenance for winter heating and next spring. Contact an HVAC contractor to have them service your system for one last time before summer ends. In addition, change the air filters to ensure that your AC has good air circulation for optimum efficiency.

These are some tips that can help you drastically reduce energy costs when cooling your home during the early fall months. This is also a time when you will need to start thinking about maintenance and servicing. You can contact an HVAC contractor to help with the maintenance your system needs in late autumn. 

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