Three Low Consumption Options To Heat Your Home With Biomass

Many different energy resources can be used to heat your home, including gas, electricity, solar and geothermal. Biomass is a carbon neutral energy resource that can be used to heat your home for less than conventional fuels. There are also many different options for systems that use biomass as fuel. Here are some of the biomass systems you may want to consider for heating in your home:

1. Using A Biomass Stove To Supplement Conventional Heating

If you want to supplement your conventional HVAC system, a biomass stove can help heat your home. These are usually pellet systems that use a wood pellet fuel material. They come in designs that look a lot like conventional wood burning stoves and can help heat large areas of your home for a lot less than conventional heating systems. This is a great option if you do not want to completely change the HVAC system in your home.  Biomass stoves are the most affordable option to add alternative energy to your home.

2. Biomass Furnaces For Conventional HVAC With Alternative Energy

Biomass furnaces are another option if you want to have a conventional central HVAC system. These work like conventional furnaces but use a biomass fuel as energy. Another alternative is to use a boiler and have a heat exchanger installed in the duct work, which can be costlier but can also be used to provide your home with hot water. Biomass heating systems can be used in many different ways, including furnaces that can provide heating through conventional HVAC ductwork. This is a great option if you have existing ductwork for your HVAC and want to replace an old furnace.

3. Using A Biomass Boiler For Radiant Heating Systems That Are Efficient

There are also biomass systems that can be used for radiant heating, which is the most common application. This can be good if you live in a Northern climate and have little need for air conditioning. In addition, biomass boilers can also be used to provide your home with hot water. They can also provide district heating solutions, which can also allow you to heat areas like a garage, shop or other structures around your home.

These are some of the options that you may want to consider if you want biomass energy for your heating. If you are ready for a more affordable heating solution, contact a heating contractor and talk with them about some of these biomass options for your home.  

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