4 Ways To Beat The Heat Without Air Conditioning

There's nothing like air conditioning to keep your home cool and comfortable, but all that cool air comes at a price; in fact, heating and cooling account for around 48 percent of the energy used in the average home, so finding ways to reduce your dependence on air conditioning can save you money.

These AC-free techniques can help you put off cranking up the air conditioner in the spring or fall, or may help you survive an air conditioner breakdown while you wait for the repairman to arrive:

Keep the Sun Out

Unwanted solar heat gain from the sun can quickly heat up your home. Fortunately, it's fairly easy to prevent this excess heat accumulation by simply keeping the sun's rays out of your home. Start by installing light-colored drapes to reflect the sun away from south, east and west-facing windows. Even better, consider adding an awning to truly beat the heat.

Awnings installed over west and east-facing windows can cut solar heat gain into the home by as much as 77 percent, while those installed on south-facing windows reduce solar heat gain by up to 65 percent.

Invite Cool Air In

In many parts of the country, hot summer days are followed by much cooler summer evenings, nights and mornings. Take advantage of this cooler air by openings windows and doors wide to quickly cool both the air and surfaces in your home.

Use fans to help direct hot air out and draw cool air in, but remember to shut windows and doors tight before the temperature gets too hot. In the long-term, consider installing a whole-house fan to truly take advantage of cool summer night air.

Keep Lights Low

Incandescent bulbs can really heat up the home because around 90 percent of the energy they give off is in the form of heat, not light.If you're still using these bulbs, consider swapping them for cooler, more efficient compact fluorescent or LED units, both of which will introduce less heat and cost less to operate. If you want to keep your old light bulbs, consider turning off as many lights as possible during the day to prevent unwanted heat gain.

Turn Off the Oven

When you're trying to keep cool without air conditioning, the last thing you want to do is invite heat into the home. Keep your home cool by avoiding appliances that add heat or humidity, including your oven, washer and dryer, iron, sterilizer and similar devices. Use these appliances after the sun has gone down. Consider cooking on an outdoor grill if you must have a hot meal, but don't want to add heat to the home.

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